Black Granite Polished Finish ET50-1


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What are the extra costs?
  1. Church or cemetery fees
  2. Lettering
  3. installing stone into Churchyard or Cemetery
Why is the memorial I like not got a price listed?
It is a special order memorial and the prices for these vary slightly
How Long does it take to get a memorial?
  1. A stock memorial can be delivered usually within a week.
  2. special orders can take up to 16 weeks as they have to be ordered and delivered form China.
How long from ordering does it take to get my memorial installed?
  1. This depends on a few things
  2. if it is a stock stone the memorial will be at the workshop usually within a week.
  3. A special order stone can take up to 16 weeks to arrive.
  4. Permission to install a stone can take up to 8 weeks.
  5. The ground has to have settled properly on the grave before the stone is fitted. In some of the local churchyards thsi can take up to a years but in the places with lighter soil 6 months is usually enough time.
What is the process for getting my Memorial?
  1. Call us and arrange initial consultation
  2. We will do an initial design and quote
  3. We send all the paperwork to you to check and approve
  4. You return the paperwork to us in the SAE provided
  5. We apply to the church or local authority for all the permissions that are needed
  6. When we get the permission back we can then engrave and complete the memorial
  7. When the ground is suitable we fit the stone and then call you to let you know the work is done